3 Oct 2016

BENE traffic migrated to the Hermes VPN

BENE is passenger application, connecting NS International and SNCB. The sites are located in Amsterdam/Apeldoorn (NS) and in Brussels (SNCB). In the past the sites were interconnected through two...
21 Jun 2016

Hit Rail proudly welcomes Shift2Rail’s decision towards funding of ST4RT project

Utrecht/Brussels, 21st June 2016 – A new project aimed at harmonising the language and data formats used by different railway operators in their systems has been granted initial approval towards...
1 Feb 2016

Hit Rail joins travel industry’s FSM Sounding Board

Hit Rail B.V., one of Europe’s leading organisations spearheading the drive towards interoperability within the railway and travel industry, has joined the FSM Sounding Board, the body where...
6 Oct 2015

Hit Rail and ETTSA agree strategic partnership

ETTSA, the travel technology industry association representing travel distributors and global distribution systems, and Hit Rail B.V., one of Europe’s leading organisations spearheading the drive...
28 Aug 2015

Hit Rail celebrates 25 years of European rail cooperation

Created to help railways interconnect, Hit Rail has been enabling Connectivity and Interoperability for the railways of Europe for 25 years  Utrecht/Brussels/York 09 September 2015 – European Rail...
16 Jul 2015

Hit Rail opens Brussels office to address work with European institutions and international rail organisations

Hit Rail opens Brussels office to address work with European institutions and international rail organisationsTSI regulations fuel the need for closer cooperation across EuropeUtrecht/Brussels 18...
20 Apr 2015

Hit Rail and Raildata agree on cooperation to bring enhanced services to railway undertakings and freight users across Europe

Hit Rail b.v. and Raildata, two of Europe’s leading railway organisations in the promotion of interoperability and cooperation between railways across borders, have signed a new agreement that will...
13 Apr 2015

DB backup site migration successful

The migration to activate the new Hermes VPN backup router for Deutsche Bahn (DB) site in Berlin Biesdorf has been successful.DB has now two sites, main (in Berlin Mahlsdorf) and backup (in Berlin...
19 Feb 2015

HIT Rail present at the Railway Conference in Prague

HIT Rail will be presented at the European Research and Innovation Conference in Prague on 18th - 19th March 2015 in Prague. HIT Rail becomes one of the sponsors of the event, which is organized...
19 Feb 2015

Hermes contract with BT prolonged

HIT Rail and BT renewed the Hermes VPN service contract and prolonged it for 36 months starting on 1st January 2015 (so until end of the year 2017).